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Autor Téma: Family tree  (Přečteno 1007 krát)
Miroslav Motka

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« : Prosinec 16, 2020, 06:40:22 pm »


let me offer you my services as a genealogist. If you have your ancestors from the Czech Republic and you are interested in who they were, where and how they lived, where they worked, how many children they had and so on, I can help you. I offer professional services at prices normal in the Czech Republic.

What I offer:
- searching for your ancestors (records up to the 17th century are normally searchable) and assembling a brood, brood, family tree, etc.
- genealogical research in the Czech Republic
- genealogical counselling / consultation
- Graphic editing of lineage charts
- scanning family photos and documents
- providing photocopies of selected archive material
- Creation of family chronicles

The first step before researching family history itself is, first and foremost, the need to agree on ideas about the outcomes of research, i.e. to find out your requirements. The cost of the resulting work is then determined from this. Because I want you to have full control of your finances, together with you, I will set the research funding limit.

To create a family tree, it is necessary that you tell me the name, date of birth and place of birth of your oldest known ancestor who lived in the Czech Republic. These figures must be correct, as there could be confusion between the persons sought and the fact in the event of false information.

An example of a pedigree and its price:

Ancestor background (including graphic representation)
4 generations - 15 people - 389 US dollars (price includes tracing siblings of the main people in the family tree)
5 generations - 31 people (price includes tracing siblings of main people in family tree) - 599 US dollars
6 generations - 63 people (price includes tracing siblings of main people in family tree) - 989 US dollars

You pay no advance for my services. You pay the first portion of the advance (approximately 20 percent of the final price) only after I can find at least a quarter of the required ancestry. I further undertake that there will be no increase in the price agreed in advance, unless the requirement for a pedigree is increased by the customer.

The BASIC family tree includes:
- a graphic family tree in electronic JPG and PDF format,
- an e-book with all the found and compiled information about your ancestors well-arranged by individual families and generations,
- all the found data in electronic GEDCOM format (for genealogic software).

How long does it take to create a family tree?
The time needed to search for your ancestors varies depending on the extent of the search. In general, the minimum time needed to create a family tree is 1 month. Do you want to know the history of your family? 
Contact me:

email: miroslavmotka[zavináč],

I look forward to working for you

Miroslav Moťka
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